Honolulu Zoo, Hawaii - Honolulu Zoo- A Royal Wildlife

Zoo, Wildlife, Scenic, Garden, Amusement Park

For a peek of some of the world's most exotic wildlife, head to this enchanting zoo on Waikiki's eastern end. The Honolulu Zoo is a 42 acre tropical botanical garden featuring 995 animals and over 1,200 tropical plants. Animals that are found in the vicinity are the Hawaiian Goose, Nene, and the Hawaiian Hawk, 'Io. The Honolulu Zoo is the only zoo that resides on a royal land grant. Today the Zoo symbolizes three tropical zones: the African Savannah, Tropical Rainforests and Island Ecosystems. The Zoo also comprises of a children's zoo, playground, snack bar and gift shop, plus many fantasies such as tigers, elephants, monkeys and Komodo dragons.

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