Molokini Island Coral Reefs, Hawaii - Molokini Island Coral Reefs- A Horseshoe-shaped island

Scenic, Beaches

This horseshoe-shaped island lies to the south of Maui's west coast off the village of Makena. Molokini stands 148feet above the sea-level and consists of the remains of a crater, the larger part of which has ruinedunderneath the sea.The rich fishing to be had in its protected bay has caused the island, lying between Maui and Kahoolawe, to be declared a confined marine area. As its clear azure waters are always tranquil, Molokini is mainly suitable for beginners to snorkelling. Boats glide every morning from Maalaea and Lahaina to Molokini. According to Hawaiian myth, Lohiau, the lover of whom the fire goddess Pele desired, married a noble Hawaiian woman. In rage, Pele cut their bodies up into pieces. Their trunks became Puu Olai, a hill near Makena, and their heads turned into Molokini.

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