Hilo, Hawaii - Crescent moon Bay- Hilo

Scenic, Garden, Beaches

Hilo lies on the east coast of the Island of Hawaii in the heart of Hilo Bay, whose hemispherical shape has earned it the name "Crescent moon Bay".The township of Hilo was founded in the same year that Captain Cook arrived at the Hawaiian Islands (1778). Hilo is the second biggest town in the State of Hawaii. One third of Big Island's populace live here. Hilo is the Big Island's main town and a vitalcentre of agriculture and also a significant harbour.Hilo’s well-conserved Old Town, with edifices dating from 1870, is well worth exploring. Thanks to the heavy levels of rainfall a unique exhibit of flowers, mainly orchids and anthurias, can be admired in the gardens and ambience of Hilo.

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