Jodo mission, Hawaii - Scenic Beauty

Temple, Scenic, Monuments, Monastery

Off the beaten track in Lahaina is a sight that not many tourists find:  the colossal Buddha statue at Lahaina Jodo Mission. This 12-foot-high figurine of the Amida Buddha was made in Japan in 1968, and erected in Lahaina that year for the 100-year anniversary of the first Japanese people impending to Hawaii. The place is a pretty setting, in a patio that also has a gorgeous Buddhist temple, a 90-foot-tall pagoda, and an astounding 3000-pound Temple Bell.  This Buddhist mission is constructed on the site of an old village in front of an imposing coconut grove. It is one of Lahaina's best-known and visited attractions because of the massivestatuette of Buddha - one of the biggest outside.

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