Hamakua Coast, Hawaii - Amazing Scenes- Rainforests, Waterfalls and Seashore

Waterfall, Scenic, Beaches

On the northeastern side of Hawaii isle, just north of Hilo, lies the Hamakua Coast. With 84 inches of rainfall a year, this area is well-known for the Hamakua Heritage Corridordrive, a road trip alongside the shoreline that passes by green tropical rainforests, waterfalls and beautiful seashore views.The Hamakua uplands were once a prosperous source for canoe wood and bird feathers for Native Hawaiians. During most of the 19th and 20th centuries, this area was enclosed with sugarcane. Today, communities that grew around these plantations can still be found alongside the shore where small farmers still cultivate kalo (taro), hearts of palm, vegetables and tropical fruit.

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