Waimea, Hawaii - Picturesque Landscapes of Waimea

Scenic, Beaches

Travel east, inland from the volcanicKohala Coast to discover Waimea (also called Kamuela), which is contrasting any other place on Hawaii Island. Known as paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) country this historic area full of undulating, green astures is still home to livestock, cowboys and ranches.Waimea is a place where sign boards read “Whoa,” instead of “Stop.” This is the home of Kahua Ranch a working sheep and cattle farm that allows you to learn about the paniolo way of life. Here you can explore the picturesque landscapes of Waimea by horseback or ATV. But there is more to this serene place than just paniolo. This area is now home to a booming community. You’ll find one of Hawaii Island’s finest chefs at Merriman’s Restaurant.

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