Best Season & Best time to visit Hawaii

Weather on all of the Hawaiian Islands is steady, offering only minor changes in temperature all the way through the year. There are actually only two seasons: the summer months that extend from May to October and the winter months that run from November to April. The average daytime summer warmth at sea level will be around 29.4 C, while the average daytime winter temperature will be 25.6 C. Temperatures at night isroughlybelow 18 degrees C. However, at higher elevations, temperatures can drop radically.

Hawaii Island is an implausible collection of many diverse micro-environments, each with its own weather. You can travel throughout all but two of the world’s different climate zones on Hawaii Varying from Wet Tropical to Polar Tundra, a result of the protecting effect and elevations of the massive volcanoes Maunakea and Maunaloa. Because Hawaii lies at the rim of the tropical zone, it theoretically has only two seasons, both of them warm. There's a dry season that corresponds to summer and a rainy season inwinter. It rains every day somewhere in the isles any time of the year, but the rainy season sometimes fetches enough gray weather to spoil your tanning opportunities.

Best Season : . Temperature: Summer 25 to 30°C, Winter 18 to 27°C

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Monthly Hawaii Weather

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