Jerusalem Old City, Israel - Museum

Museum, Monuments, Garden, Amusement Park

The Old City of Jeruslaem is bordered by a 4km long path of walls 12m high constructed in 1537 by Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. Two foremost streets, David Street, in its eastern sector called Chain Street, running east from the Jaffa Gate, and Suq Khan ez-Zeit, running south from the Damascus Gate, interconnect in the center of the Old City, separating it into four quarters - the Christian Quarter to the northwest, the Armenian Quarter to the southwest, the Muslim Quarter to the northeast and the Jewish Quarter to the southeast. The streets are tapered, uneven and often domed. The newer part of Jerusalem, to the west of the Old City, has a contemporary characteristic, with office blocks, ministries and the Parliament Building, museums and also widespread parks and gardens. Here too is the major shopping region, centered on Ben Yehuda Street (pedestrian zone).

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