Timna Park Solomons Pillars, Israel - Monuments

Amusement Park, Monuments

Bearing left from the doorway to Timna Park, in a few kilometers to Solomon's Pillars, a wall of sandstone 165 feet high, shimmering red in the sun, which in the itinerary of thousands of years has been engraved by attrition into the form of colossal pillars. The name, appealing but historically imprecise, was given to them by the American archeologist Nelson Glueck, who investigated the copper-mines of Timna in the 1930s. A voyage of steps leads up to a reprieve at a height of 100 feet in which Pharaoh Ramesses III is illustrated offering to the goddess Hathor. The pillars are famous to be the dramatic milieu for evening concerts and dance performances the park presents in the summer.

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