Jerusalem Citadel, Israel - Museum

Scenic, Museum

Just right away south of the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem is the Citadel, generally known as David's Tower. It has, though, no link with David, having been built by Herod to defend the palace he constructed around 24 B.C. to the south of the Citadel. Its three towers were named after Herod's brother Phasael, his wife Mariamne and his friend Hippicus. After Titus's invasion of Jerusalem in A.D. 70 the Romans located a barracks in the Citadel. Subsequently it fell into bad condition and was consecutively repaired and reconstructed by Crusaders, Mamelukes and Turks.
The Citadel now houses a museum on the history of Jerusalem and a folk museum and has some alluring excavations.

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