Haifa Bahai Shrine Persian Gardens, Israel - Garden

Scenic, Garden, Amusement Park

Below Yefe Nof Street, in Hazionut Street, are the stunning Persian Gardens, with the Bahai Shrine, whose golden arena dominates Haifa. It contains the sepulcher of the founder of the Bahai faith, which has become its central shrine. The founder of the faith was a Persian, Mirza Ali Mohammed, who in 1844 affirmed himself the Bab, the "Gateway" to God. After he was shot in Tabriz in 1850 his successor Mirza Hussein Ali, who took the name Baha-u-Illah, fled to the Ottoman Empire, where he asserted himself Imam in 1868. After being held in detention in Akko for 24 years he died in 1892 and was buried near the present-day kibbutz of Shamerat, to the north of Akko. His followers furtively brought the relics of his predecessor Mirza Ali Mohammed from Persia to Palestine and in 1909 built his mausoleum in Haifa. The monumental dome over the mausoleum was finished in 1953.

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