Tiberias, Israel - Sea of Galilee

Backwaters, Beaches, Fishing

Tiberias is a prosperous resort municipality in Israel and is situated alongside the 32 mile seashore of the Sea of Galilee. One of Israel’s popular destinations, Tiberias overlooks the gorgeous Golan Heights on one side and the Lake Kinneret on the other. Founded by Herod Antipas between 4 BC–AD 39, Tiberias is named after the sovereignty emperor Tiberius. Today, Tiberias is a budding town with a total population of roughly 30,000. Tiberias in Israel is also a momentous theological place for the Christian population. Like the other cities in Israel, Tiberias too has a religious implication. The Christians refer Tiberias at Israel as the place where Christ performed a number of miracles – these include the burgeoning of loaves and fishes and it was here that Jesus walked on the water.

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