Hamet Gader Golan Heights, Israel - Fort

Fort, Camel Safari

Golan Heights is a precipitous region located on the eastern bank of the Kinneret. Golan Heights has lot to offer to the history lovers as it has many places of historical significance. Hamet Gader in Golan Heights is an appealing place to visit while traveling in Golan Heights. The other places of tourist’s attraction are Nimrod Fortress in Golan Heights, Mount Hermon in Golan Heights, Gilgal Refaim in Golan Heights, Katzrin in Golan Heights. Hamat Gader in Golan Heights was a popular place of recreation and relaxation during the Roman times. Many blistering mineral springs are situated in the area where the temperature is around 50 degree Celsius. The place also has a Roman theater which was erected around 3rd century CE and consisted of 2,000 seats.

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