Salzburg House of Nature, Austria - National Parks,Nature Museum


From Anton-Neumayr-Platz, Salzburg's Museums platz lengthens northward to the Franz-Josef-Kai on the banks of the Salzach, with the Haus der Natur on the left and the Museum Carolino Augusteum on the right. The Haus der Natur, in a previous Ursuline convent, graphically demonstrates in its 80 rooms all aspects of nature and geology in addition to the occupation and use of outer space: the animals of the prehistoric world, with full size models of dinosaurs and reptiles, an aquarium, exhibit of coral and one dedicated to Tibet, special exhibitions of the mineralogy and geology of the Salzburg region, the animals of Europe and other continents, a reptile zoo, the Space Hall with a diorama of the hallway on the moon, models of space rockets, a space metropolis of the future and explanations of how the universe was formed.

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