Travel Within Austria



Austria's public transportation system is fast, efficient and, all things considered, moderately cheap. Train and bus routes tend to be fully incorporated, complementing each other rather than competing. You can reach most areas of the country by public transportation, even though rural villages may only be served by one bus per day, or just a couple per week. Getting around on Sundays and public holidays can be tricky: train services are only slightly reduced but most rural bus services close down altogether. Most parts of Austria – counting the big cities – operate a zonal travelcard system covering all forms of public transport in that particular area. Ticket durations and prices differ significantly from one place to another.


The Austrians are well-known to be a car-loving realm. As a result, Austria boasts an outstanding road network. However, almost all of the bigger cities experience severe parking availability problems. Spaces are inadequate and prohibitively expensive. If you do find a space, the time you are allowed to park for is generally around 90 minutes in central districts. One way streets and traffic jams also take pleasure out of the journey.