Austria Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Austria

Austria’s weather is classified as temperate continental. Summer is very popular with tourists, and runs from early June to the mid-September. It’s likely for the weather to be hot or rainy, but daytime temperatures usually average at 25°C in July and August. Winters also bring tourists to the ski areas, but weather can be pretty cold, with temperatures in the Alps dipping as low as -10°C, sometimes even lower. The winter period lasts from December throughout March in the lowland regions, and until April at higher altitudes.


The best time to visit will depend on the reason of your holiday. If you’re looking for warm weather and plan to enjoy cycling or hiking, the months of April to October are best. If winter sports are what you have in mind, then anytime from November to April should be fine. Spring and fall are the most idyllic times for travelers to visit Vienna.  These are the months which are in between the main tourist seasons so rates are lower and crowds are thinner.  However, there remains a lot to do in Vienna during these times of year and the weather is ideal so travelers enjoy their stays. Fall is more romantic, the leaves are down, the sky is sometimes blue sometimes grey and the metropolis show all its romanticism.

Best Season : Throughout the year. Temperature: Summer 20 to 27°C, Winter -4 to 0°C

Monthly Austria Weather

Month May Jun Jul Aug best time to visit austria Sep best time to visit austria Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr
Weather Condition austria-weather-in-May austria-weather-in-Jun austria-weather-in-Jul austria-weather-in-Aug austria-weather-in-Sep austria-weather-in-Oct austria-weather-in-Nov austria-weather-in-Dec austria-weather-in-Jan austria-weather-in-Feb austria-weather-in-Mar austria-weather-in-Apr
High 19°C 22°C 25°C 25°C 21°C 14°C 7°C 4°C 2°C 4°C 9°C 14°C
Low 9°C 13°C 15°C 15°C 12°C 6°C 2°C -1°C -3°C -2°C 2°C 5°C