Innsbruck Tomb and Museum of Emperor Maximilian, Austria - Art and Architecture

Art Gallery

In the middle of the Innsbruck's Hofkirche's nave will be found the grave of the Emperor Maximilian I, the finest work of German Renaissance statuette, conceived as an adoration of the Holy Roman Empire. The central feature of the memorial is the colossal black marble tomb with a bronze figure of the Emperor. The wrought-iron panel was the work of the Prague craftsman G. Schmiedhammer. On the sides of the coffin are 24 marble reliefs portraying events in the Emperor's life. Around the coffin stand 28 over-life-size bronze statues of the Emperor's ancestors and contemporaries. The optimum of these are of Count Albrecht IV of Habsburg and King Theodoric of the Ostrogoths and King Arthur of England, and is egarded as the most excellent figurine of a knight in Renaissance art, both the latter being planned by Dürer and cast by Peter Vischer of Nürnberg in 1513.

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