Travel Within Myanmar


Air travel is the most proficient way of moving within Myanmar and the only acceptable means of transport for independent travellers, but there is a rather restricted schedule of flights, and a rather less than perfect safety record. Yangon has a globular rail service. There are also antiquated and overloaded bus services in all cities. Unmetered three- and four-wheel taxis are available in cities, as are rickshaws; it is sensible to pre-arrange fares. Myanmar Railways provides services on numerous routes, the principal line being Yangon to Mandalay. Overnight coaches have sleeping cars. The state-run railway has 4,300km of trail and serves most of Myanmar.


The best way of seeing Myanmar is by boat, chiefly between Bhamo-Mandalay and Mandalay-Pagan. Myanmar has about 8,000km of traversable rivers. For most people in Burma, this is the major means of transportation. Cars and motorbikes are just too pricey to own, so generally a steel-framed cruiser bike is the most popular way to get around. In many ways Burma is like stepping back into the history. Riding in a horse cart is one of those things that make you feel like you are visiting another time. In many places, like Mamyo (PyinOoLwin), the horse carts don't only serve for the tourists, either.