Thatbyinnyu Temple, Myanmar - Thatbyinnyu Temple- Most Noteworthy Monuments

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The Thatbyinnyu Temple, a white stucco building, is the Bagan's highest pagoda. It was built by King Alaungsithu in mid-12th century. The view from its terraces is amazing both at dawn and dusk.ThatbyinnyuTemple is one of the four noteworthy monuments in Bagan. The Thatbyinnyugets its name from the Omniscience of the Buddha. Built by King Alaungsithu (1113-1163), the Thatbyinnyu is a midway temple, standing between the Early Style of the Ananda, half a mile to the northeast, and the Late Style of the Gawdawpalin, half a mile to the northwest. It is one of the initial double-storied temples, but the arrangement is different from that of afterwards double-storied temples, much as if it were still an experiment in the new structure.

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