Amarapura, Myanmar - Amarapura- Popular for Old Palace

Scenic, Palace

Amarapura was an ancient capital of Myanmar realm, 11 km south of Mandalay in Myanmar. It was a capital until 1857 when King Mindon decided to shift the capital to Mandalay. Even though there are little relics of the old palace area, the other Myanmar tourist attractions include, Patodawgyi Pagoda, U Bein's Bridge and the silk weaving industry.Amarapura which literally means 'the immortal city' lies about 11 km south of Mandalay. The modern township of Amarapurais often referred to as TaungMyo, meaning "The Southern City" to discriminate it from Mandalay, the Northern City. Around 1795 Amarapura was the place for the first British embassy in Myanmar.

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