Mahamuni Paya Pagoda, Myanmar - Mahamuni Paya Pagoda- Myanmar Tourist Destination

Scenic, Monastery

King Bodawpaya constructed Mahamuni pagoda in 1784. In 1884, the exclusive shrine was destroyed by fire and the current one is absolutely recent. This Pagoda is also known as Payagyi (Big paya) or the RakhaingPaya as a Myanmar tourist destination. According to myth the big figurine is one of a handful cast when Buddha was still alive. It was later plucked from the bordering Arakanese and carted across mountains by triumphant Burmese armies’ centuries ago. Only men are allowed to approach the celebrated image, and they are regularly patting on layers of gold leaf. The extraordinary figure is now 6 inches thick with gold and has adopted a swollen, bloated manifestation.

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