Thanlyin Syriam Kyauktan, Myanmar - KyaikKhauk Pagodahere- Best Piligrimage

Scenic, Lakes

If you spare half day in Yangon, you can make foray to both Thanlyin and Kyauktan across the Yangon (Hlaing) River. Thanlyin (formerly known as Syriam) was the ancient capital city of the Mon Kings. In olden days around late 16th century, it was a principal harbour and was once occupied by the tarnished Portuguese adventurer called Philip De Brito. There is a mausoleum supposed to house the remains of De Brito in the compound of present day oil refinery. KyaikKhauk Pagodahere is a well-liked place of pilgrimage.Continuing 15 km further south of Thanlyin, you'll reach Kyauktan, which is prominent for its Kyaik-hmaw-wun mid-stream Pagoda

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