Travel Within Kanyakumari


Travelling throughout the city is quite easy and sophisticated in Kanyakumari as it is one of the main tourist destinations in India. Usually, tourists can hire buses, auto rickshaws and rented vehicles like motorcycle, taxi or bicycles. Therefore, tourists find no problem from reaching to their decided place from railway station or bus station.


Auto Rickshaw

Auto drivers do not make use of meters for considering the actual fare but they ask for the random charges. Therefore, it is advisable to do good bargaining before hiring any rickshaw. Auto Rickshaws are the main mode of transport for travelling within the city and generally, quotes the rate between INR20 to 60. But the charges vary as per the distance covered and no extra charges are demanded for night travelling.



Local buses are also one of the local transports available in Kanyakumari. Though this mode of local transport is very cheap but you have to face huge crowd companying you in it. The normal fares of these local buses are between INR4 to 10, which is quite low.



The city also offers you many of the rented vehicles for making travelling easy and fast accessible. Normally, the fare of rented bikes or motorcycles ranges between INR300 to 400.