Kanyakumari Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Kanyakumari

Being located at the southern tip and enclosed with the ocean on all the three sides, the city faces the tropical weather. Kanyakumari is quite fortunate for having pleasant climatic conditions throughout the year and that’s why it has herds of tourists hanging all round the year. Climate of Kanyakumari suffers from a little variation and therefore, the residents of Kanyakumari do not have any issue regarding the weather.


Summers in Kanyakumari generally, occur in the month from April to June and the temperature ranges between 22degreesC to 35degreesC. Therefore, summer season is not too hot and is quite bearable. Winters in Kanyakumari could be felt in the month between December and February and the temperature ranges between 21degreesC to 34degreesC. Winters in Kanyakumari are not too cool and shivering. Monsoon season of Kanyakumari is really very pleasant with a medium or heavy rainfall during the months from June to September.


The best time to make visit to Kanyakumari is between October and March. Especially, Cape Festival celebrated in October is really mind-blowing and vibrant and the celebration of this awesome festival continues for the three days. Lots of cultural programs take place during this festival’s celebration.

Best Season : Oct - March. Temperature: Summer 22 to 35°C, Winter 21 to 34°C

Monthly Kanyakumari Weather

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