Pohatu Penguin Habitat, New Zealand - Penguins

Scenic, Wildlife

New Zealand boasts of an unexpected range of wildlife found within their natural territory. Pohatu-Flea Bay is the largest White Flippered Penguin settlement on the New Zealand mainland. This small coastal niche is nestled between the conspicuous volcano headlands where the White Flippered Penguins mask themselves behind the rough surfaces or in the holes and crevices around the cove. The flora and fauna zone is very susceptible and hence small guided groups are led into the reproduction satellite of the penguins. Francis and Shireen Helps of Pohatu Marine Reserve have done an incredible job over the past decade by preserving these scarce species of White-flippered penguins from the predators. One gets to explore the cragged seashore by kayaking or snorkeling and is very enchanting.

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