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The diversified weather of New Zealand varies from the warm tropical climate to the temperate climate that is sporadically intermittent by severe alpine conditions in numerous mountainous areas. While the tropical conditions are overriding in the north part of the country, the weather of the far south is typically noticeable by temperate conditions. Another bleak climatic condition that exists in New Zealand is that while the west is the wettest the areas lying to the east are the driest. The average annual temperature ranges from 10 degrees Celsius in the north to 16 degrees in the south. While the coldest month is July, the warmest month is January or February.


Though the temperatures in the summer and the winters fluctuate to a very small a scope, the temperature between the inland areas and the eastern part of the country diverge greatly. New Zealand experiences precipitation between 600 mm and 1600 mm. Though the terra firma remains arid during the summers rainfall occurs all throughout the year. The northern and the central part of New Zealand have more of their rain in the winters than in the summers. Most part of the country excluding the west experiences long hours of sunshine. It snow only in the mountainous areas with unusual snowstorm occurring in the coastal areas. The eastern and the southern part of the South Island have flurry in the winters.

Best Season : Jan to Jun. Temperature: Summer 14 to 19°C, Winter 5 to 15°C

Monthly New Zealand Weather

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