Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand - Scenic Beauty

Beaches, Mountaineering, Scenic

Marlborough is the biggest grape growing and wine manufacturing region in New Zealand biggest grape growing expanse. Marlborough Sounds is located in the region of Marlborough in the north-east corner of South Island of New Zealand. The Marlborough Sounds is made up of three drowned river valleys, project out into the Pacific Ocean like the fingers of a friendly hand. The valleys which were shaped when the mountains sank and the sea swamped the valleys owing to tectonic movements in the past millennia, is biologically termed as 'drowned valleys' or sounds.

There is an appealing Maori tale which tells an atypical story of the creation of these sounds. Legend has it that Kupe while grappling with a giant octopus, clutched the South Island to shore up and immediately his fingers went deep inside the soil and imprinted out the waterways. The three sounds which compose the Marlborough Sounds are the Queen Charlotte, Kenepuru and Pelorus Sounds. This stunning geographical formation is one of the marvels of nature and inspires charm with its exquisiteness.

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