Victoria Street Clock Tower, New Zealand - Church

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Victoria Street Clock Tower which also known as the Jubilee Clock in Christchurch is an imperative conurbation landmark with links to the early days of European township in Canterbury. It is one of the few central conurbation landmarks which have a enthralling history behind them. Brought to Christchurch in 1860, it was first enthused to the old Government Buildings. The refurbished Victoria Street Clock was authoritatively exposed freshly. Victoria Street Clock Tower is a famous and royal configuration which has an evenly imposing history to match. Designed by Mountfort, the clock and iron tower were custom-built by the Provincial Council.  The clock itself was situated in the stone tower in Armagh Street and was the first 'town clock'. The chimes of the clock, it is said, could be heard on a regular day up to two miles away.

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