Penguin Place, New Zealand - Scenic Beauty

Scenic, Bird Watching, Bird Sanctuary

Out of the seventeen species of penguin to be found in the world, of which thirteen has been found in the area of New Zealand. Four species breed on the New Zealand mainland and an imperative species among them is the yellow-eyed penguin. The yellow-eyed Penguin, the rarest penguin in the world is widespread to New Zealand. Being the only member of the Genus Megadyptes, the Yellow-Eyed Penguin is the most prehistoric of all the species of living penguins. These Yellow-Eyed Penguins also well-known as Hoiho in Maori parlance of New Zealand has changeable colors of Slate grey and blue back with white breasts and bellies, yellow eyes and eye bands and skin-colored feet. The Megadyptes Antipode (Yellow-Eyed Penguin) has a life span of twenty-two years and a strident accent. Roughly their predictable population in New Zealand is around four-hundred and fifty pairs and two hundred pairs in Stewart Island.

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