Vishalgad, Kolhapur, Maharashtra - Vishalgarh Fort and scenic views


Vishalgad, according to its name, is one of the massive forts located just near to Kolhapur. On the way to Ratnagiri, you will find a gigantic fort named Vishalgarh Fort that could be reached by crossing the way covered with thick forest. Structurally, the fort is located about 1130 m above the sea level and just standing here and witnessing scenic views is really amazing experience. The fort got its name by Maratha ruler – Veer Shivaji after conquering it in 1659. Originally, the fort was built by Shilahara king “Mansingh” and he named the fort as Khilgil. Then, later on it went into the hands of Shivaji. The place is not to be missed spot in Kolhapur!

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