Travel Within Allahabad


To travel in Allahabad is very easy and comfortable as that are about five means of public transport available to offer their services. Thus, we can say that local transportation in Allahabad is simply superb. It is up to your need and requirement for which option you want to go! The most common modes of transport for getting around the city are city buses, tourist taxis, cycle-rickshaws, auto-rickshaws and tempos.


City Buses

To move within the city, the best option is the city buses. They are not only cheap but are the reliable means of public transport. These buses are operated by the Municipal Corporation of Allahabad and usually charges INR 40 to cover different areas of the city.


Tourist Taxis

Other ideal mode to commute within the city is Tourist taxis. Though they cost little bit higher, but covers almost all the main parts of the city.


Cycle Rickshaws

These are the cheapest mode of local transport in the city and are seen in huge number plying over the roads of the city. But be careful, you have to bargain for the fares before hiring them. They are the best mode to see and visit the clumsy streets and markets of the city.


Auto Rickshaws

Auto rickshaws are also widely seen as the public transport in the city. They are the fastest and cheap modes to cover the major areas of the city.



Sharing tempos are also found in Allahabad to move all around the city. But for different areas, there are different tempos, so it is better to get complete knowledge from any local person before getting into the tempo.