History of Allahabad


To know much about the religious city Allahabad, the best way is to get familiar with the history of the city. The history of the ancient city has been begun from the period of Vedas and Puranas. This means that the origin of the city took place during the pre-historic age. This has been proved from the evident received during excavations and also mention about the city in the famous Hindu epic Ramayana. The city was famous as “Prayag” during Iron Age only and even today, many people are well-known to the city by that name only.


As the time passes by, the city was conquered by Muhammad Ghori for the first time in the year 1193. And as a result, Allahabad was fully dominated by Muslims. In 1526, Mughals captured the city and Akbar, the Fort of Akbar was constructed in the city. It was during the reign of Akbar only that the city got its name as “Illahabad”. After death of Akbar, the complete control came into the hands of his son Jahangir. Unfortunately, in the year 1765, British conquered the city and had ruled over it till India got Independence. Allahabad played significant role in the War for Independence begun in 1857.  Allahabad was also popular for being the birth place of two jewels of India – Harivansh Rai Bachchan and Subhadra Kumari.