Shri Chitra Art Gallery, Trivandrum, Kerala - Great collection of fine paintings made by Ravi Verma

Scenic, Museum, Art Gallery

Shri Chitra Art Gallery is one of the prominent attractions in Trivandrum and is visited by innumerable tourists to the state from different nook of the country. Placed just close to Napier Museum in Trivandrum, this superlative gallery houses the great collection of the paintings made by Svetlova, Raja Ravi Verma and Nicholas Roerich. Other than these paintings, the gallery also displays the great art work done by Mughal, Tanjore, and Rajput schools of entire India. Not only popular among Indians, but it also much liked by the International countries like China, Bali, Japan and Tibet and as a result, one can see the display of paintings done by the people of the mentioned countries in the gallery. 

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