Shri Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Trivandrum, Kerala - Religious belief and architectural grandeur

Temple, Scenic

Longing for witnessing the real wonder of typical architectural form of Kerala!! Fine, then don’t think so much; just book your tickets for Trivandrum where such perfect temple is waiting for you – ShriPadmanabhaswamy temple!! The temple is quite astonishing and worldwide famous for its gigantic idol of Lord Vishnu which is approximately 18 feet long. Even, the structure of the temple is too big to witness and soars in the air about a height of 100 feet. One could see the image of Lord Vishnu from the three main gates of the temple; like one can see head and trunk from the first door, diaphragm and hands from the second one and from the third one, one could take a glimpse of the feet.

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