History of Trivandrum


History of Trivandrum is highly influenced by the old tradition and culture and thus, it is well-said as the art capital of Kerala. The city was under the rule of the Ays and their ruling period continued till 10th century A.D. As soon as the Venad rulers came to the region in the 12th century, the power of the Ays came to an end. The Venad rulers had brought great development in the capital city regarding art and learning. And, it was under them only, Trivandrum was referred as Travancore and the city emerges as a great commercial center.


During 16th century, the Portuguese became the main traders of the city but gradually, the Dutch by getting mingled with the British and came into limelight as one of the main traders. Then, the chapter of modern history got initiated in Travancore. It was Marthanda Varma who was honored as the Father of modern Travancore during the period between 1729 and 1758 A.D. This era in Trivandrum brought up the art and literature and then, in the years between 1829 and 1847, the city had gone through cultural and economic development under the ruling period of Maharaja Swathi Thirunal.


Gradually, the city took the shape of leading center for education and observatory. It also made a remarkable place in the medical tourism as the time passes by and today, it is one of the main commercial, industrial and tourism destinations of India.