Travel Within Trivandrum


Local transportation is quite wonderful and appreciable in Trivandrum. The main means of transport for travelling in and around the city are auto rickshaws, buses, taxis, car, hiring motorbikes, bicycles and on bare foot also.



To travel all around Trivandrum, the best way is to travel through local buses operated by the Government of Kerala. Also, many private buses offer their services for the same. Buses’ fares are cheapest of all the means and are affordable by almost all the people.


Auto Rickshaws

Autosare the best means for getting around the city and are also quite cheap. Tourists can find auto rickshaws from each and every areas of the city especially, outside railway station, bus stand and main city center. Basically, the autos are metered one in Trivandrum, so the chances of being cheated get less.



Taxis are also an idyllic pick for travelling all around the city and are also very cheap and comfortable. Taxis are the fastest means of reaching the main places in the city.


Hired Motorbikes

For the convenience of tourists, the motorbikes and scooters are available at rent in Trivandrum. They are also fast means of getting here and there in the city.



If you are interested in riding on bicycles, then moving on bicycles is really great experience in the city. Many people make the bicycles available for you on rent in Trivandrum.