Agastya Mala Peak, Trivandrum, Kerala - Trekking and scenic views

Trekking, Scenic

Perched at the distance of 70 kms from Trivandrum, there lies a peak covered with dense forest named Agastya Mala Peak, also referred as Agartyarkoodam. The site is famous for the two reasons – one being the best scenic spot and the other, it is also a sacred place. The peak is ranked as the second highest peak of Kerala, just next to Anamudi Peak, located at a height of 6129 feet. Trekking is the best way to reach the cone-shaped peak and it maximum takes one day for the reaching the pinnacle of the peak. The trekking route to the peak begins from Bonacaud. The peak is famous as pilgrimage site also because at the top, one could see the idol of Sage Agasthya and Agastya Mala Hill is supposed to be home of this holy priest. So, one would sure love to go there for enjoying the two reasons!!

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