History of Puri


History of the city Puri is that much interesting and fascinating as the city is!! Formerly, the city Puri was occupied by one of the Pre Aryans’ tribe named the Sabaras. The beautiful city was the one of the significant link between Eastern and Southern India during 7th and 8th centuries. Since 12th century, Puri took the shape of important pilgrimage of Hindus because of Sankaracharya’s religious association.


According to some legends, it was believed that during time period between 1107 and 1117, Sri Ramanuja also visited this sacred place. Then, later on in 12th century, Puri was converted into one of the most significant centers for Vaishnavism because in 1135, the Purusottama Temple was established by AnantavarmanChodaganga, brave ruler of Puri. Therefore, the city was came to known as PurusottamKshetra. In 15th century, this temple became famous as the Jagannath temple.


Deeds of Hieun Tsang were considered to be the reason for the origin of the name of Puri. Originally, the name of Puri was Charitra. But, it was little bit doubtful. According to past history, the region was also known as the PurusottamChattar under the reign of the Mughals and the Marathas. Marathas were the only rulers to reform the temple completely destroyed by the Afghans just before the region went under the control of British emperors. King of Orissa took good care of the temple during the British rule.