Puri Maths, Puri, Odisha - Numerous maths especially highly adorned at the time of local festivals


Puri is also famous for its valuable maths and one can see innumerable maths in Puri. But do you know that each math has its own importance!! Among so many, the most significant mathsareSunaGoswami Math, the JagannathBallav Math and the Goverdhan Math. Most well-known math of Puri is The SunaGoswami Math and it is located very close to the city. This math can be seen at its fullest at the time of few festivals like the Agni Utsava, the Banaklagi, the ChandanaYatra and the SnanaPurnima. If we talk of the Goverdhan Math, then it is also mind-blowing and was established by Sankaracharya in the Swargadwar region.

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