Markandesvara temple, Puri, Odisha - Religious belief and architectural grandeur

Temple, Scenic

During 13th century, this wonderful temple was constructed in proximity to the Bindu Sagar. In this outstanding temple, Lord Shiva is the main God to be worshipped. This temple in Puri is just replica of other two famous temple of Lord Shiva in Orissa – VaitalDeul Temple and Sisiresvara Temple. The entrance of the Markandesvara Temple is so beautifully adorned with an idol of Nataraja with its ten arms that you won’t be able to remain untouched. You can also see wonderfully carved idols of Lord Muruga, Goddess Parvati and Lord Ganesha placed in the main area of this temple. Do you know what the main enthrallment of this temple is – A beautifully carved figure of Mahishasuramardini ornamented with four arms.

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