Panch Ganga Ghat, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh - Being sacred place where Ramanand gave his lessons

Scenic, Mosque, Monuments

As it is very clear from the name, PanchgangaGhat is the situated at the merging point of five sacred rivers – the Ganga, the Saraswati, the Yamuna, the Kirna and the Dhupapapa. This enormous Ghat holds great significance among Hindu devotees. Also, there lies Alamgir Mosque, constructed by Mughal Aurangzeb very close to this Ghat. There is one more interesting fact related to this Ghat is that VaidantRamanand, Kabir’s Guru, gave sermon to his disciples. Also, the main creation of Tulsi Das, the Vinay-Patrikahare was also composed at the time when he was residing on this Ghat.

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