Man Mandir Ghat, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh - Small Observatory and great sacred place

Temple, Scenic, Monuments

Actually, Man Mandir Ghat was constructed in 1600 but original attraction was gained by it after renovation done by Raja Savai Man Singh in 19th century. The Ghat got its name after this Raja only. After this renovation, there lies a gorgeous balcony at the north end of the Man Mandir Ghat. In the premises of the Ghat, lots of temples are spotted like Rameshwara temple, Someshwara temple and Sthiladanta Vinayaka. Someshwara temple at this Ghat makes you to remember the Someshwaram lingam of Somnath temple of Gujarat. This Ghat also houses a small observatory built by Raja Jai Singh, Jaipur.

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