Culture of Varanasi



People of Varanasi are well-known for being proponent towards literature, Vedic Philosophy, music, crafts, art and architecture. Most of the time, you can see the people of Varanasi chewing the “Paan” and gossiping in a group in a slack manner. But, keeping the way how they live aside, by heart the people of Varanasi are too good and humble.


Language and Religion

Sanskrit is the most oldest languages in the whole world. Varanasi was the main center for learning Sanskrit in earlier times. But nowadays, Sanskrit is rarely used whereas Hindi and English are the most prevalent languages in Varanasi.


As Varanasi holds great place among seven Hindus pilgrimages, the main religion of Varanasi is Hinduism. But, the other religions that equally important here are Islam, Buddhism and Jainism.



Banaras is also highly rich in varied types of foods and cuisines. Especially, North Indian dishes and snacks are the must-try of this religious place. Eating mouth-watering “Paapri-chat” on Lories or stalls is literally an amazing experience. Your trip to Varanasi is not completed until you finish your lunch or dinner with a “Banarasi Paan”.


Local Festivals, Art and Music

Festivals in Banaras are celebrated with full joy and enthusiasm. The main local festivals of Varanasi are Bharat Milap in Oct-Nov, Mahashivratri, Buddh Purnima and many more.

Art of Banaras is also very appealing and unique. At Varanasi, presence of lots of museums displaying handicrafts items itself shows great obsession of people towards art. Music of Varanasi is also very popular.