Mohammad Thakurufaanu Tomb, Maldives - Amazing Tomb

Tomb, Scenic

Thakurufaanu is best known as the man who untied Maldives from Portuguese colonial rule. He then embarked to go on to become a sultan from 1573 to 1585. This is one of the must see tourist attractions in the realm. Mohammad Thakurufaanu was the foremost figure that enlightened the realm from the colonial rule of Portugal. The mausoleum has a great national and historical connotation. Mohamed Thakurufaanu Al-azam is the most illustrious hero in the history of Maldives. After saving the Maldives from the Portuguese subjugators, Mohamed Thakurufaanu ruled the Maldives as sovereign from 1573 to 1585 AD. The crypt of Sultan Mohamed Thakurufaanu who enlightened the country from 17 years of Portuguese rule is known as Mohamed Thakurufaanu Ziyaarai. In the compound of Bihuroazu Kamana Miski, this sepulchre was constructed as an emblem of esteem in the memory of the Sultan.

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