Maldives Weather

Best Season & Best time to visit Maldives

Talking about the weather and climate of Maldives, the Maldives Island is privileged to be blessed with tropical weather round the year. Lying on the equator, this isle generally experiences moderate weather. It is due to this reason that Maldives is considered to be the most preferred tourist destination for holidaymakers throughout the year. Humidity level varies between 73-85%.  The intensity of rainfall and the blow of winds are mostly determined by the two monsoons. The first is the southwest monsoon that comes like a pleasing surprise during the months of June and July. It brings enough rainfall with it.


The other monsoon is the northeast monsoon that is ubiquitous during the period between Novembers to April. At this time, the isle is generally dry accompanied with little wind. Two dissimilar seasons divide the year. The Northeast Monsoon runs from December to April, forming the tourist high season with little rainfall, open blue skies and steady sunshine. The Southwest Monsoon blows from May to November. During this period it is still dry and sunny but with irregular rain and cloud cover. Only at the turn of the two seasons – November into December, and in May – can the weather be constantly stormy.

Best Season : November to April. Temperature: Summer 25 to 29°C, Winter 25 to 29°C