Maldives Shopping


Male, the capital of Maldives is charming place for the shoppers. Garments, perfumes and cosmetics, jewellery, electronic gadgets and gizmos and canned fish and a range of local handicrafts are amongst the best picks. The Chaandhanee Magu and the Majeedhee Magu are the main shopping zones of the city. The copious stalls occupying the local market exhibit a variety of local produce chiefly from the atolls. One gets to see different kinds of local vegetables, fruits and yams, sweetmeat, nuts and breadfruit chips, bottles of homemade sweets and pickles along with bunches of bananas baggy down from the ceiling beams on coir ropes. Majeedhee Magu, situated on the main road of the isle alongside its sides copious shops selling goods ranging from the smallest commodities to nearly everything you can imagine. The shops have an extraordinary collection of garments, perfumes and cosmetics, jewellery, handbags, watches or electronics and much more.