Ari Atoll, Maldives - Ari Atoll- The Natural Isle

Scenic, Beaches

Ari Atoll can be referred to as a natural isle situated in Maldives. It’s, in fact, one among the biggest atolls located on the western side of archipelago. The almost rectangular configuration goes on to stretch the ‘islands’ over the area of around 30 X 89 kilometres.  This place has been alienated in to 2 sections; of course for ‘administrative purposes. These are two main islands - Southern Ari Atoll and Northern Ari Atoll. The previous one comprises of ‘105’ islands. Ari Atoll has been a part of region which has been designated with regards to tourist development within Maldives. This place has monsoon type of weather. However, it should be noted that being situated on equator, monsoons aren’t stern and well-defined like in neighbouring nations.

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