Jumhooree Maidan, Maldives - Jumhoorie Maidan-The Republic Square of Maldives


This tourist attraction is situated alongside the northern harbour of the nation’s capital of Male. It was built a bit lately in 1989. It is a usual venue of diverse social gatherings in Male. As a natural upshot, a lot of the younger generation tends to gather here for an evening retreat. Situated alongside the northern waterfront in Male, Jumhoorie Maidan in Maldives was set up in the year 1989. More generally known as the republic square of Maldives, the Jumhoorie Maidan with its green grass and thriving vegetation serves as one of the trendiest places for social gatherings. Towards its west, lies the business structures; to its south lie the Islamic centre and the headquarters of the Maldives National Defence Force.

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