History of Imphal


History of Imphal had undergone through various interesting chapters among which the main is the battle of Imphal held between the British forces and Japanese. The British forces won the battle and hence, in 1997, Imphal was divided into two – Imphal east and Imphal west.


Basically, Imphal was an outcome of first century AD, therefore, one of the ancient cities of India. In 900 AD, Burmese attacks initiated the chapters of history which was compromised in 1826 after a treaty signed by Raja Jai Singh. After this treaty, Imphal was declared as a part of India and then in 1972, it was declared as a Union Territory.


Thus, the entire history of Imphal undergoes through three stages – Early history, British Rule and then Memories of World War II. According to early history, after the rule of Kin Khaba, the ruling power went into the hands of the Pakhangba leaders. King Khagemba built the Kangla Palace but later on, destructed under the Anglo-Manipuri War. Lots of Burmese attacks were faced by Imphal during the ruling period of Maharaja Bhagyachandra. During British Rule, the area remained calm till 1891 but then because of internal disputes, the first Anglo-Manipuri War took place. During World War II, the battle of Imphal also took place in 1944 with an intention to captivate British colonies important for the Burma Campaign.