Hin Daeng, Thailand - Dive sites, Coral Gardens, Pinnacles, Walls, Lush Soft-Corals, Whale Sharks, Reef Sharks, Cuttlefish, Schools Of Game Fish, Manta Rays, Cavern

Wildlife, Scenic, Fishing, Beaches, Amusement Park

Plunging enthusiasts shouldn’t miss Hin Daeng located in Andaman Sea. Accurately meaning the Red Rock, this region is often considerate to be one of the top notch diving spots in Thailand. Hin Daeng features great undersea summits, implausible carpeting of anemone and bright coral. It’s also crawling with wildlife counting big shoals of fish, round batfish, manta ray, barracuda and the odd whale.  Diving in Hin Daeng and Hin Muang is, for many divers that are well-known with Thailand, the best there is available off in the Similan Islands. With outstandingly multihued supple corals, huge schools of trevallies, as well as barracuda, reef sharks and numerous species of reef fish are also seen. The region lies in the Thailand's Mu Koh Lanta National Marine Park.

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